Telecom Tariff

Basic Telephone Service Charges

Last Update Date :- 8 Chaitra, 2071

1. Basic Telephone Service :

  1. PSTN and C-Phone(Post-Paid) Subscription Charge:

    SN Description PSTN CDMA C-Phone
    1 Deposit Rs. 750.00 Rs. 1500.00
    2 Installation Charge Rs. 320.00 Rs. 320.00
    3 Ownership Charge Rs. 1130.00 Rs. 1130.00
    4 Registration Charge Rs. 50.00 Rs. 50.00
      Total Rs. 2250.00 Rs. 3000.00
    5 Minimum Monthly Rental for Local Telephone (with 175 free calls) Rs. 200/- Rs. 200/-
    6 PSTN Phone Place Transfer Charge Rs. 320.00 (with Tax) -

  2. PSTN/ CDMA (C-Phone) Call Charge:

    SN Services PSTN and C-Phone (Post-Paid) Call Charge (24 Hours) Call Duration
    1 PSTN/CDMA (Post-Paid) Calls made within same area code Re. 1.00 per call
    (24 Hrs)
    2 Minutes per Call
    (24 Hrs)
    2 C-Phone Fixed (Pre-Paid) Re. 1 per 1.5 minutes
    (8:00 AM to 8:00 PM)
    Re. 1 per 3 minutes
    (8:00 PM to 8:00 AM)
    3 PSTN, GSM, CDMA Fixed & VSAT Calls made from one area code to different code Re. 1.00 per call
    (24 Hrs)
    Re. 1.00 per call
    (24 Hrs)

  3. Toll Free Service (Advance Free Phone Service)

    SN Description  
    1 Registration Rs 1000.00
    2 Deposit 15000.00 additional for STD service
    3 Call Charge same as current PSTN call charges

  4. Interactive Voice Response (IVR) Service

    SN Description    
    1 SLC Result (Regular/Supplementary)Enquiry 1600 Re. 1 per 20 seconds
    2 Class 11 and 12 Result Enquiry 1601 Re. 1 per 20 seconds
    3 TU Results 1602 Re. 1 per 20 seconds
    4 Telephone/ADSL/FTTH Fault Booking 198 Free
    5 PSTN Bill Enquiry 1606 same as current local call charge
    6 Telephone Enquiry 197 Free

  5. Dial-up Internet Call Charge using PSTN & C-Phone

    Call Charge - Re 1.00 per Call Normal & Business Hour Call
    Off Hour Call
    Duration for Dialup Internet Call (15xxx) 4 Minutes per Call 8 Minutes per Call

2. International (ISD) Call Tariff

3.Inter Operator Charge

4. Nepal Telecom's VSAT Network to other operators (UTL,STM & SNPL) Network Call Tariff

  1. The charging for all the calls to UTL and STM network is same as the domestic (STD) call charge.
  2. The charging for all the calls to SNPL is Re 1/- per minute additional to the domestic (STD) call charge


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