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CDMA Service - Tariff

Updated on : Chaitra 7, 2071

CDMA Mobile Service

  1. CDMA Post-Paid Subscription Charge:

    Description Charges
    Credit Limit Rs. 380.00
    Ownership Charge Rs. 1130.00
    Total Rs. 1510

  2. CDMA Pre-Paid Subscription Charge:

    Description Charges
    Subscription Charge Rs. 90.00
    Includes Talk Time worth Rs. 50.00
    3 RUIM Change Charge Rs. 50.00

  3. CDMA Service Call Charge:

    Peak Hour
    6:00 Am to 10:00 Pm
    Off Peak Hour
    10:00 Pm to 6:00 Am
    Re. 1.00 per minute
    55 paisa per minute
    20 seconds
    Rs. 1.50 per minute

  4. Friends and Family Package:

    No of Members
    CDMA Post-Paid
    55 paisa per minute
    5 (Max)
    CDMA Pre-Paid
    70 paisa per minute

    Subscription Charge : Free
    Maximum allowed FNF members = 5
    How to Subscribe : type <FNFSUB*No1> send it to 1415
    To add new FNF member : type <FNFADD*No2> send it to 1415 (repeat same for the next)
    To Modify FNF Member: : type <FNFMOD*OLD No*New No> send it to 1415
    To Delete FNF Member : type <FNFDEL*No> send it to 1415
    To Inquiry FNF Member : type <FNFINQ> send it to 1415

  5. Night Call Offer
    Subscription: Type Night and send it to 1415
    Monthly Charge : Rs. 20.00
    Time Band : 10:00 Pm to 6:00 Am within NT Network

  6. Short Message Service (SMS)
    Within NT Network (GSM/CDMA) : Re. 1.00 per SMS
    International SMS : Rs. 5.00 per SMS

  7. Data Charge

    (24 Hours)
    40 paisa / MB

Note: The above mentioned Tariff is exclusive of TAX and VAT 

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