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Cell Broadcast (CB) is a mobile technology that allows messages to be broadcast to all mobile handsets and similar devices within a designated geographical area. The broadcast range can be varied, from a single cell to the entire network.
This technology is used in deploying location-based subscriber services, such as regional auctions, local weather, traffic conditions.
Cell Broadcast is designed for simultaneous delivery of messages to multiple users in a specified area. Whereas the Short Message Service (SMS) is a one-to-one and one-to-a-few service, Cell Broadcast is one-to-many geographically focused service.
It enables messages to be communicated to multiple mobile phone customers who are located within a given part of its network coverage area at the time the message is broadcast. Cell Broadcast is more akin to other mass distribution media such as teletext or Radio Data System (RDS ).
Cell Broadcast can be used for a number of different services and has been de-ployed by several network operators.


Retail outlets in certain areas would be interested in sending customers and potential customers information about special offers and attractions such as sales, special offers, extended opening times and so on. Shopping centers, exhibition halls, airports and sports stadiums are the kinds of location that could be targeted for Cell Broadcast based services.

Information Services:

Cell Broadcast is ideal for delivering local or regional information which is suited to all the people in that area, rather than just one or a few people. Examples include hazard warnings, cinema programs, local weather, flight or bus delays, tourist information, parking and traffic information.

To activate cell broadcast service, certain numbers are to be set in cell broadcast number in mobile handset. The different numbers imply for different broadcast subscriber services.

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