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The ringtones are in .mid format and you can use any suitable media player to listen to the tones in your computer.

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Nepali Fonts

Nepali Fonts (Rukmini & Kantipur) are required for Nepali Forms. Please Download the fonts from the link above.

Nepal Telecom

Nepal Telecom has always put its endeavors in providing its valued customers a quality service since its inception. To achieve this goal, technologies best meeting the interest of its customers has always been selected. The nationwide reach of the organization, from urban areas to the economically non- viable most remote locations, is the result of all these efforts that makes this organization different from others.

Mission, Vision & Goal

"Nepal Telecom as a progressive, customer spirited and consumer responsive Entity is committed to provide nation-wide reliable telecommunication service to serve as an impetus to the social, political and economic development of the Country"

"Vision of Nepal Telecom is to remain a dominant player in telecommunication sector in the Country while also extending reliable and cost effective services to all"

"Goal of Nepal Telecom is to provide cost effective telecommunication services to every nook and corner of country"

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