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Audio Notice Board Service

Audio Notice Board Service is a Value Added Telecom Service based on intelligent network platform. It is a supplementary service of PSTN VMS (Voice Mailbox Service) in which the mailbox can be used as a Notice Board by the subscriber. The subscriber can record their notice board material or information in their telephone (subscribed for Audio Notice Board Service facility) so that when a person calls that telephone number, the recorded notices or information is played. The recorded notices/information can be edited or deleted as required by the subscriber.

Notice Board solution adds value to the existing telephone service providing efficient customer friendly interface with customers, strengthening customer loyalty. Answered phones help keep customers informed. One of the key advantages of Audio Notice Board Service is that it can free companies from deployment of huge human resources for intensive tasks, particularly repetitive monotonous functions. It can take the pressure off from the working staffs by narrowing away the chunk work and still provide callers with options that let them reach the appropriate people to address for more issues.


  • Registration Charge: Free
  • No need to add new equipment at customer's premises.
  • Service can be implemented from installed telephone after enabling Notice Board feature from the Switching Office.
  • Notice board owners can record/edit/delete his/her notice board message by themselves.
  • Notices can be password protected so that nobody can edit/play with the uploaded messages apart from the owner.
  • Message duration can vary from 1-3 minutes.


For Recording Notice Board Messages:

Indirect Recording: (from other PSTN, GSM mobile or CDMA Mobile/Fixed Phones not subscribed for Audio Notice Board Service)

  • Dial 1610 - Area Code - Telephone Number subscribed for Audio Notice Board Service
    For Example:
    --- Dial 1610-01-4241433 for Kathmandu's telephone number
    --- OR
    --- Dial 1610-021-521433 for Biratnagar's telephone number

  • Input your password
  • Follow the same procedure as for Direct Recording
For Listening to recorded Notice Board messages
    Dial -> 1618 - area code- Telephone number
    Dial -> 1618 - 01 - 4241566 for Kathmandu (inside Valley)
    Dial 1618 - 021 - 521500 for Biratnagar. (Outside Valley)
The access code 1618 can be dialed from all NT network (PSTN, CDMA, GSM, VSAT and Payphones) throughout the country.

The Service is especially suitable for
  • Business organizations for Product Information, Ads, etc
  • Metrology Department for weather updates
  • Travel Agencies for Travel information
  • Airline offices for Flight information and updates
  • Traffic Police Office for Traffic updates
  • Money Exchanges Centers and Banks for Forex rates
  • FM radios/TV stations for Program schedules
  • News Agencies for Breaking News
  • Astrologers for Horoscopes
  • Film Halls for recent updates
  • Schools/Colleges for General and Emergency notices
  • Education Related Consultancies for related information.

Terms and Conditions for Subscribing Audio Notice Board Service

  1. Audio Notice Board Service will be available only for PSTN users.
  2. To subscribe Audio Notice Board Service, subscribers need to fill up a form (attached below).
  3. A copy of PAN and office registration letter is to be attached along with this form.
  4. If an organization needs to activate Audio Notice Board Service in the telephone number registered in other user or organization's name, it should attach original authorization letter provided that user or organization.
  5. Audio Notice Board Service subscribing organization shall agree to the prevailing call charge rates of Nepal Telecom.
  6. Audio Notice Board Service subscribing organization shall not put any content hampering any person or organization or government or religion or caste in their notice board. All responsibilities regarding the content of the notice board will be borne by the organization itself and Nepal Telecom will not be responsible for such contents.
  7. Nepal Telecom may discontinue the service at any time without any notification as per Telecom Act 2053, Clause 43 (Ga) if the Audio Notice Board Service subscribing organization misuses the service.
  8. Audio Notice Board Service subscribing organization shall notify Nepal Telecom in writing for discontinuation of the service.

For More information please contact:

Nepal Telecom, Kathmandu Regional Directorate
Switching Division, VMS Section, Sundhara
Telephone : 4241566, 4241433
Fax (VMS): 1615-01-4241433

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