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PSTN Credit Limit (PCL)


PSTN Credit Limit (PCL) service is pre-paid service where certain amount is paid initially as credit amount against the particular PSTN telephone number to activate the account. When a service subscriber makes a PCL call (LOCAL/STD/ISD) on the telephone, the system will deduct called amount from the corresponding account as per the Nepal Telecom's PSTN tariff rates.

How to Register?

Nepal Telecom's subscriber having PSTN telephone can subscribe for this service by filling a registration form at any Nepal Telecom's counter with an initial credit limit of NRs 1000/- (Inclusive of taxes) with a validity period of One year. The subscriber will get 10% discount on call value during the initial registration time.

PCL Service Features

# Account Recharging as your need
# Online Balance and Validity Query
# PIN Code Restriction
# Abbreviated Dialing
# Follow on calls

How to use PCL Service?

Once your PSTN telephone number is registered as a PCL account, you can use the service to make calls by dialing the access code 1680 or use management functions (such as balance query, validity query, PIN changing, PIN cancel etc....) by dialing access code 1681, following the voice prompt as instructed. The flow diagram shown herewith helps you in dialing the destination number or performing the management functions.

Call Flow and Management Flow Diagram

How to Recharge?

The service subscriber can recharge the PCL account in multiples of NRs 100/-. The previous balance and the validity period will be added to the recharged amount and its validity (see table for details). There is no limit in the rechargeable amount. However, the maximum extendable validity period will be limited up to 3 (three) years only. Recharging can be done at any Nepal Telecom's counter.

Amount (NRs)
Validity (Months)
Amount (NRs)
Validity Months

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  1. What is PIN restriction?
    The service subscriber can set an outgoing call PIN (4-8 digits) to avoid unauthorized calls and control the outgoing calls. The service subscriber can activate, change or cancel the PIN using the management function. In the activated state, the service subscriber can make a call only after successful PIN authentication. In the inactivated state, the service subscriber can make a call directly without entering the outgoing PIN.

  2. What happens to the remaining balance, if the PCL subscriber terminates the account or does not recharge within the validity period?
    If the PCL subscriber does not recharge within the validity period, the account will be terminated along with its remaining balance, after a grace period of 60 days and re-registration needs to be done as a new PCL subscriber. If the PCL subscriber terminates the account the remaining balance will not be refunded.

  3. Can I transfer my PCL account to other PSTN Number?
    PCL account will not be transferred to other PSTN number. If the PSTN number is transferred or changed, previous account will be closed and remaining amount will not be refunded or transferred to new account.

  4. How the billing of PSTN Telephone number and PCL service will be done?
    The Billing of the normal PSTN telephone used for the PCL service will be done separately. All the calls originated from PCL service will not be billed under normal PSTN Telephone. Detailed bills of the PCL calls will not be provided.
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